Magikarp46 Productions (magikarp46) wrote,
Magikarp46 Productions

First Post

Hey there, welcome to the new Magikarp46 Productions journal. From now on, I'll be using it to discuss various aspects of the products produced by Magikarp46 Productions, which includes the website and everything on it, sneak previews of upcoming website content or redesigns, and a few other things that may only be showcased here.

But beyond the intro, I do have an IMPORTANT STATUS REPORT

The server the website is hosted on may be going offline in the near future. This downtime is not definite yet, but it could last up to two or three months if it does happen. There is no mirror available, but everything will be backed up and online again as soon as possible.

Assuming LiveJournal's servers don't explode, you can check this journal for status reports if the server does go down.
Tags: server status, website
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