Magikarp46 Productions (magikarp46) wrote,
Magikarp46 Productions

More Server News, Daizenshuu 7

So the server has actually been up for almost two weeks now, but not many have noticed, since there seems to be DNS issues with the .com domain at the moment that I still need to sort out. But otherwise, the server has been accessible through the less popular but longer running DynDNS address.

Beyond that, after almost two months of not having the time to do anything, I've gotten back to my Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7 translating. I expect to put up another good chunk of pages by the end of the month. Unfortunately, though, there was one aspect of it that involved a lot of scanning, and that has to be put off until I get a new scanner, which could be many months from now.
Tags: dragon ball, server status, translations, website
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