Magikarp46 Productions (magikarp46) wrote,
Magikarp46 Productions

State of the Website Address

So it's 2009, and I had made personal resolutions that included tons of revamp work to the site. Unfortunately, a rather debilitating personal ailment has delayed my ability to start on some of this work, or else some of the progress might already be evident. But it seems to be mostly cured, so you will definitely see some progress in the coming weeks.

Part of this work includes setting up a new server, which is where the .com address will direct to from then on. It hasn't worked in a couple months, and I haven't bothered to fix it because of my plans to set up the new server. The current server will remain active under the DynDNS address, as it is now, but it will mainly just be a crappy mirror. They will likely not be identical mirrors, however, due to different capabilities.
Tags: server status, website
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