Magikarp46 Productions (magikarp46) wrote,
Magikarp46 Productions

Actual End of the Decade

2010 is almost over, and though I haven't accomplished nearly as much on the site as I'd planned, I think it has been my busiest year since 2004. Maybe 2011 will be even more productive, but I don't like to make promises.

I recently started using PHP everywhere, although so far, there haven't been any interesting new features because of it. It removed the need for JavaScript on the main page, and made a couple of server-side things more convenient for me, but that's about it. Maybe I'll try something fancy later. But most pages have a new filename because of it, so there could be some errors or broken links. I think I've accounted for all of them, but tell me if you do find any.

I've made lots of blog posts, most of them forgettable, and there are many more unwritten ones to cover the near the future. The news makes me want to write lots of political rants, but I fear that would alienate more people than my WWE or 90210 posts already do. I also continue to chug along through old Dragon Ball content, at a theoretically much better rate than I had been, thanks to making lots of template pages. (That was the "big but not really" update I'd previously mentioned.)

More things will happen if and when they happen.
Tags: dragon ball, website

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