Work work work

Let's get nostalgic!

Also, let's get agenda!

Writing up both of those obviously took some time away from getting work done, but it was something I just felt compelled to do, and may give you some more insight about what's going on. Plus, now that I've gone through all this trouble to explain myself, I have no choice but to follow through without being distracted by addictive videogames, or taking on any new projects or responsibilities. I do still owe other people a few things outside of this website that I really need to get done, though.

New Server in Progress

If you're reading this on, then the DNS for the new server is working. If you're reading it elsewhere, then don't worry about it, because there's nothing on the new server anyway, aside from this message. If you want to see actual content, you'll have to continue going to for the time being. I'll be uploading things, new and old, over the next couple weeks, but I just wanted to give a status update in case people are still trying to access the .com domain and get a surprise. There's lots of works to be done, and I don't want to make anymore promises, so this is all I shall say for now.

State of the Website Address

So it's 2009, and I had made personal resolutions that included tons of revamp work to the site. Unfortunately, a rather debilitating personal ailment has delayed my ability to start on some of this work, or else some of the progress might already be evident. But it seems to be mostly cured, so you will definitely see some progress in the coming weeks.

Part of this work includes setting up a new server, which is where the .com address will direct to from then on. It hasn't worked in a couple months, and I haven't bothered to fix it because of my plans to set up the new server. The current server will remain active under the DynDNS address, as it is now, but it will mainly just be a crappy mirror. They will likely not be identical mirrors, however, due to different capabilities.

More Server News, Daizenshuu 7

So the server has actually been up for almost two weeks now, but not many have noticed, since there seems to be DNS issues with the .com domain at the moment that I still need to sort out. But otherwise, the server has been accessible through the less popular but longer running DynDNS address.

Beyond that, after almost two months of not having the time to do anything, I've gotten back to my Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7 translating. I expect to put up another good chunk of pages by the end of the month. Unfortunately, though, there was one aspect of it that involved a lot of scanning, and that has to be put off until I get a new scanner, which could be many months from now.

Server Transfer (DOWNTIME)

Okay, well, I got a bit too distracted to keep up with this as I'd intended (working on my projects, ironically), but that downtime I mentioned in November obviously never happened.

However... There will be downtime the final week of May due to a server transfer. Barring any difficulties, it will likely last until early June.

After the transfer, it should be a lot easier for me to keep up with this. But until then, you can check here for status updates until the server is restored.

First Post

Hey there, welcome to the new Magikarp46 Productions journal. From now on, I'll be using it to discuss various aspects of the products produced by Magikarp46 Productions, which includes the website and everything on it, sneak previews of upcoming website content or redesigns, and a few other things that may only be showcased here.

But beyond the intro, I do have an IMPORTANT STATUS REPORT

The server the website is hosted on may be going offline in the near future. This downtime is not definite yet, but it could last up to two or three months if it does happen. There is no mirror available, but everything will be backed up and online again as soon as possible.

Assuming LiveJournal's servers don't explode, you can check this journal for status reports if the server does go down.